Nine Volt LeapProfessional Recording and Rehearsal Studio

Welcome to Nine Volt Leap recording studios website.
A professional, comfortable recording studio and rehearsal rooms based in Melksham, Wiltshire.

Nine Volt Leap Prices


4 Hour Rehearsal

Price includes P.A System.

Drum Hire

Drum hire does not include Snare
or cymbals, please bring these.

Cab Hire

£2.50 per cab.


1 Day Recording

1 day of recording. 8 hour session usually
starting around 11:00.

2 Days Recording

2 x 8 hour sessions, this is ideal for a
3/4 track E.P.

1 Week Recording

1 week of recording. This amount of time gives
you the chance to really get your teeth
into the recording process.
Ideal for a long E.P or Album.

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